Corporate & Social Responsibility

Corporate Responsibility

As individuals and as a company, Property Mart recognises that corporate responsibility is integral to being a flourishing, universal business - and an vital ingredient in maintaining a respected & trusted brand. This conviction is central to our approach - doing quality business depends on it.


The Environment

Property Mart operates from three offices and many associate offices around the country. We’re committed to reducing their impact on the environment, and to raising the consciousness of our people to help achieve this.


Our Group Environmental guidelines these aims. It encourages practical offices based initiatives that seek to lessen our impact on the environment to as squat a level as is realistically practicable. These include plummeting print & paper waste, sourcing of recycled or sustainable paper products, power down of idle electronic equipments, recycling redundant of all IT related equipments.


We are adopting modern technology to deliver research information, marketing resources, web-based concerted forums & marketing fliers, therefore reducing paper, transportation costs & waste.


We also operate a ‘Mother Earth Initiative’ Group’ to support & co-ordinate environmental initiatives across the country. We persuade all our offices to adopt the Environmental Management.


Our People

We recruits & retain the finest people in real estate Industry. Right across the globe, & in areas of property as varied as real-estate management & venture capital funding, our clientele benefit from the entrepreneurial edge & excellent service that our people illustrate.


We focus on encouraging a cheering & collaborative ethos amongst our people: we know that if you endow with the right atmosphere then people are much more to be expected to reach their potential. And when they do, it’s our patrons who see the advantage. So we give them the opportunity to flourish, do what we can to facilitate them create an excellent work / life balance, & by placing a high value on multiplicity, we encourage a stimulating, modern culture. As an outcome our people take the initiative, think productively & act conscientiously.


Our Clients

Providing the premier standards of client care means acting with professionalism and honesty at all times. That’s how our services go beyond client expectations in every market, segment and location.


By delivering only the finest results for our clients, we‘ll become consultant of choice in all our universal markets.


Our accomplishment as a business depends on our progressing ability to meet the growing needs of our clients. Our aim is to foresee and seek out latest markets, opportunities and resolutions for our clients, all the while promoting societal and ecological good practice.


By helping clients to appreciate the environmental and societal implications of their property related decisions, we can accomplish more together. We see our professional services, research and training as an imperative element of our corporate accountability.


Our business group provides a focal point for our sustainability linked services and acts as a one-stop edifice for our clientele. It builds on our demonstrated expertise in the whole gamut of sustainability issues - from the energy performance of buildings to the environmental assessment of main projects.


Business Ethics

Our promise to acting honestly and in the preeminent interests of our clients is fundamental to all we do, and what Property Mart stands for as a service provider, employer & corporate citizen.


Our business is built on this belief and this reputation, and it is mainstay to our long-term accomplishment. It is what gives our clientele, colleagues, suppliers, trade   partners & investors the confidence to do business with our company.

Acting with honesty is about more than our Company's image and status, or avoiding any legal issues. It's about nourishing a business that we all are proud to work for. Eventually, it's about each of us knowing that we have done the correct thing. This means acting sincerely and treating each other and our clientele, trade partners and suppliers honestly, and with dignity, at all times.